Coronavirus Advice



We are receiving many calls and emails about Coronavirus.

For details on local vaccination and testing please visit How to get a vaccine, where and travelling - Together We're Better (

The best place for advice or to find answers to your questions is on the .gov website. Full details about the government’s response, recent announcements and what it means for you, as well as advice about what to do is available at This page is updated regularly and includes advice for individuals and businesses  needing financial assistance.

To find out what support you can get, for example, if you’re out of work, need to get food, or want to take care of your mental health, please visit -

If you need any medical advice, please visit the NHS website at

For getting a Covid-19 test, please visit

Staffordshire County Council has been organising mobile testing sites offering the rapid covid-19 test. These sites move about across the county and operate every day. These tests can be booked at  

To understand the coronavirus restrictions in the area, please visit

To stay up to date with updates on the .gov website, please sign up here -


Full details can be found at

Staffordshire is also one of 66 local authorities to take part in the roll out of rapid testing for people without symptoms – with up to 10 per cent of the population eventually set to be tested every week.



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