Tamworth's heritage begins to reawaken

Tamworth's local conservative councillors are passionate about Tamworth's history and heritage but recently theres been some challenges that have had to be met. 

As we enter August we have been able to celebrate our history and heritage again with three great actions reopening Tamworth Castle, rerevealing Sir Robert Peel and opening a new look Kiosk shop in the castle grounds.

Tamworth council staff have worked hard to ensure the castle museum can open safely to the general public and adhere to current COVID-19 guidelines. There are some temporary changes within operation to help keep everyone safe, but still able to enjoy their time in the 900 year-old castle.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a look around the inside of the building and its many furnished rooms. The top floor is still under-going work to complete the new £768,050 funded ‘Battle and Tribute’ display, which will turn the space into an interactive exhibition bringing Tamworth’s dramatic and exciting Anglo-Saxon history to life. (This area will be not accessible and a discount in admission price is given to reflect this.)

All tickets must be pre-booked online and entry will be staggered and limited to 10 visitors every half an hour. First admission is from 10.30am and the last admission of the day is at 3pm. The building will then close at 4pm. Tickets can be booked online via the castle website: www.tamworthcastle.co.uk.

Admission Prices are currently discounted !

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Heritage and Growth, said: “Tamworth Castle is the foundation of our town story and I am delighted that we are able to open its doors again to the public.

“Whether you are a recent or frequent visitor, or have never been inside our ancient castle, I would encourage every to come, learn and share our history.

“We thank everyone for their understanding, patience and support for Tamworth Castle during this unprecedented and incredibly difficult time.

“It’s been a challenging few months with the recent restrictions staff have worked hard to ensure all measures are in place to keep people safe and follow all current COVID-19 guidelines.

“Please remember you can only currently pre-book online, no door sales are available. The shop/café remain closed at this time, but we are working on re-opening this as soon as we safely can.

“We can’t wait to welcome people back to our amazing building and showcase its rich history, and we look forward to seeing you and sharing the wonderful story Tamworth has!”  

The “kiosk” at the bottom of the castle entrance, at the top of Holloway Drive, is re-opening as a re-branded Castle Shop offering souvenirs and refreshments to the public.

The shop has previously been managed by a small charitable business, and will now become part of the Castle offer with the aim to provide a service for the town following the removal of the shop and cafe from within the castle.

Opening times for the kiosk will be daily from 10am – 4pm; offering a range of cold drinks, confectionery, snacks and ice creams; not forgetting castle gifts, swords and even shields!

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Heritage and Growth, said: “With the castle re-opening its doors to visitors, this is the ideal time to push forward with our plans to improve our heritage offer. By opening a shop, we can offer a range of souvenirs, gifts and refreshments to anyone visiting the castle, the beautiful grounds, or people having a picnic and enjoying the stunning flower beds.

“The “kiosk” has been managed for some years as a small charitable business, which we thank for all their hard work. They have done a wonderful job raising money for charities across Tamworth.

Tamworth's Sir Robert Peel Statue re-unveiled, for the third time in it's history our Sir Robert Peel has been put back on public display. The legacy that Sir Robert Peel has left not only Tamworth but the while of the country and the world is simple unfathomable. Growing up at Drayton Manor Sir Robert Peel (an abolitionism) not only introduced the police force but also changed the way we do politics and transformed the modern Conservative party with the very first Tamworth Manifesto, not to mentioned speeches made from the town hall in front of which his statue stands. 

Cllr Daniel Cook, Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, said:

“At the time, we felt it was necessary to take precautions to protect our 167-year-old statue of Tamworth MP and former Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel, following vandalism and threats to Peel statues across the country.

“We have kept this measure under review since then and following recent discussions with the police, we feel the threat has reduced enough that the boarding can come down. We have now instructed it to be removed and this is due to take place at the earliest opportunity – likely to be next week.

“After that, the statue will continue to be monitored by CCTV cameras covering the area.”